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DEVEREAUX: Grateful for campaign experience

'If this is how it ends, it ended so beautifully, and there is no other ending I would wish for,' said the Liberal candidate

Despite losing the election, Guelph provincial Liberal candidate Raechelle Devereaux was grateful for everyone who was part of her political journey.

“Every moment was just so spectacular and I got to share that with you, we got to do it together, and that was the best part of the whole experience,” said Devereaux about her campaign on Thursday night during a watch party at Diana Downtown.

Devereaux received 7,264 votes, or 13 per cent of the local vote. She placed third behind Conservative candidate Peter McSherry and Mike Schreiner. 

This is Devereaux’s first time running for the Ontario Liberal Party. Previous Guelph provincial Liberal candidate, Sly Castaldi, got 10 per cent of the local vote, with 6,537 votes, in the 2018 provincial election, where 10 per cent more people voted.

After the results were announced, Devereaux spoke to a crowd at Diana’s Downtown later that night, thanking volunteers and voters for their support and calling her a team 'a family.'

"When I look at this team, this engine that is behind us, it really is a family," said Devereaux, who had her children, friends and family by her side. 

"If this is how it ends, it ended so beautifully, and there is no other ending I would wish for."

Lisa McLean, Devereaux's campaign manager, said sometimes things don't go your way.

"We're proud of the campaign no matter how it turned out."

Devereaux's sister, Alissa Magwood, also said Devereaux should be proud of the campaign she ran.

"I am a Conservative, always have been, but I love Raechelle dearly, and I voted for her in Guelph tonight, and this is the first time in my life not voting Conservative, and I'm super proud of her," said Magwood.

Campaign volunteer and friend, Gary Roche, said Devereaux worked 'really hard' during the campaign.

"You need a candidate who lives in the community, who knows the community," said Roche, who helped campaign with Devereaux back in October 2021.

Annette Twist, another volunteer, said Devereaux brought a fresh perspective.

"She speaks from her heart. She's passionate about her beliefs, her platform," said Twist. 

Near the end of her speech, Devereaux also addressed the question on whether she would run again in the next provincial election.

"What I'm gonna do next is rest tomorrow, and I hope you do too, and what's next is a tomorrow issue."