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Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept: Pushing the Limits… What Limits?

With a name like Limitless, a vehicle has to offer its share of innovations to live up to its name.

With a name like Limitless, a vehicle has to offer its share of innovations to live up to its name. Created by the CALTY design research studio in California, the LF-1’s styling is “like molten metal being forced into a fine Japanese sword.” At least that’s what it reads in the press release. We especially noticed the roof-mounted split spoiler air diffuser. Obviously, everything that can be lit is with LED technology, even in the cockpit, while certain wood trim panels are sprinkled with these little lights. Unsurprisingly, the outside mirrors are replaced by cameras and chrome trim is pretty much non-existent.

With its 2974-millimetre wheelbase and its overall length of 5014 mm, the LF-1 is barely shorter than the mammoth Lexus LX 570. And yet, in the flesh, the concept vehicle doesn’t look all that big!

Gasoline, Hydrogen, Hybrid or Electric?
What’s most interesting, at least according to yours truly, is that the LF-1 will be able to accommodate various types of powertrains: gasoline, hydrogen, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric.

In fact, Lexus expects that by 2025, all its models will be fully electric or boast some type of electrified powertrain. The driven wheels are the rear ones, which is a little surprising for a limitless vehicle… The 22-inch wheels of the concept are most impressive and blend in very well with the vehicle’s design.

4D Navigation
The most promising innovations are found on the technology front. Lexus talks about a four-dimensional navigation system, the fourth one being the notion of time. Actually, this navigation system anticipates traffic, road construction and other parameters, and suggests break times or stopping for fuel, and can even book a hotel room.

The road to be followed appears on the main screen, of course, but also on the rear-seat passengers’ screens as well as on the tablets and phones connected to the vehicle. The 4D system will also interact with gesture controls. Even rear-seat occupants will be able to execute certain gesture commands.

Semi-autonomous Driving
No one can create a new vehicle these days without including some form of autonomous driving. The LF-1 will benefit from a Chauffeur mode that will take control of the vehicle’s steering, brakes and acceleration, and that includes mandatory stops and traffic lights. But won’t worry, there are still a steering wheel and pedals!

For now, the LF-1 Limitless is only a concept, but it might very well end up being produced. It could no doubt replace the aging GX and LX models. We’ll see!