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Meet the Candidate: Liberal Lloyd Longfield

'Since 2015, the Liberal government has delivered programs that help Canadian communities like Guelph become even better places to live and work'
Lloyd Media Phot
Lloyd Longfield

(Guelph Today asked each candidate in the federal election to provide a bio and brief platform statement)


Lloyd Longfield loves Guelph. 

Since he arrived in Guelph with his family 27 years ago, Lloyd has played a strong role in our community serving as a local champion for economic development, environmental protection, and social inclusion. 

Born and raised in Winnipeg, he came to Guelph as a managing director in the hydraulic and. pneumatic automation sector. This successful business experience brought Lloyd to the leadership of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, where he helped develop the local economy. An active community volunteer, Lloyd has played leadership roles in the Guelph Community Energy Plan Task Force, Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington, and St. James Catholic High School Parent Council. 

Following his election to Parliament in October 2015, Lloyd has continued to work with non- profit groups, individual residents, and local business to support our community and deliver real results for Guelph. Aside from his membership on the Agriculture and Industry committees of the House of Commons, Lloyd has gained the respect of his colleagues as an executive of the Ontario Government caucus, Chair of the Innovation and Digital caucus, and Co-chair of the Automotive caucus. 

Lloyd and his wife Barb of 41 years adore their three daughters, sons-in-law and three grandchildren. 

Platform Statement:

Since 2015, the Liberal government has delivered programs that help Canadian communities like Guelph become even better places to live and work. Thanks to the Canada Child Benefit, 300,000 Canadian children were raised out of poverty. Restoring Old Age Security to age 65 and increasing the Guaranteed Income Supplement for the most vulnerable is helping our seniors. Investing $55 billion in the National Housing Strategy means everyone can have a place to call home. More Canadians are working due to the creation of one million jobs since November 2015. 

And, even more important, we put a price on carbon. It is no longer free to pollute in Canada which will ensure a healthier and more sustainable environment for generations to come. 

Together, we must keep moving Guelph and Canada forward; to preserve our environment, create opportunity, and make a place for everyone in our community. 

The Liberal Party has pledged to increase the Canada Child Benefit for those with young children and create 250,000 new child care spaces for before and after school that will help Canada’s working parents. Expanding the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive along with a vacancy tax on non-Canadian ownership will make home ownership more accessible to Canadians, especially those looking to buy their first home Our pledge to increase Old Age Security for Canadians aged 75 and older will provide lift tens of thousands of seniors out of poverty and the increase to the Canada Pension Plan survivors’ benefit will help widows and widowers. 

On Oct. 21st, make a choice about what kind of future you want for our families and our community. 

Choose forward. Choose Lloyd Longfield.