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Meet the Candidate: People's Party of Canada Mark Paralovos

'We need to stop being limited by political correctness and start having meaningful conversations about tough issues'
Mark P standing pink background
Mark Paralovos
(GuelphToday asked each of the federal candidates to provide a brief bio and platform statement)


Mark Paralovos (rhymes with “for all of us”) is the People’s Party of Canada candidate for Guelph.

Mark is a proud, first generation Canadian.  He was born in Toronto and his family moved to Guelph in the mid-eighties. He has lived here ever since. He comes from a large, supportive family, is married and has two school-aged children. 

Mark is a children’s mental health professional by trade and spent 15 years working in that field, both in private facilities and with various school boards. During that time he was actively involved in union negotiations and served as a Union Steward.

In 2016 Mark decided to take his career in a completely different direction, working with businesses to develop and manage their websites. He currently works with a small firm managing the e-commerce and advertising aspects of the business.

Mark writes and produces a daily YouTube podcast focused on Canadian federal politics (  After being nominated as the People’s Party Candidate for Guelph, Mark started a second podcast specific to Guelph and his campaign (  He also sits on the French as a Second Language Advisory Committee (FSLAC) with the Upper Grand District School Board. 


Mark strongly believes that Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada are the only option on the federal stage offering solutions that will move the needle on the most important issues in the 2019 election. Some of these issues include keeping Canadian tax dollars in Canada, halting the practice of giving tax dollars to big multinational corporations, immigration and freedom of speech. 

Canada is facing a $14 billion deficit for the 2019 fiscal year, and yet, the Liberals have committed billions to international projects ($250 million to the Asia Infrastructure Bank and $2.65 billion to Africa for climate change, for example). A People’s Party government will discontinue foreign developmental aid and ensure those monies remain in our economy. We will put an end to tax-payer backed packages to big corporations (most recently $300 million to Toyota and $12 million to Loblaws).  We will balance the budget in two years, not five or more as the other major parties pledge.  

Mark is proud of Canada’s multicultural roots. He is a product of them. But if we do not manage our system carefully, responsibly, and with intention, then we are in danger of irreparably breaking it.  We are not immune to the social tensions and conflicts we are witnessing elsewhere in the world. We want Canada to still be a peaceful, prosperous and harmonious society 25 years from now, with well-integrated immigrants, and a united national identity. 

The People’s Party believes in free speech. It is the cornerstone of our democracy. Free speech is important because without it we cannot identify a problem. If we cannot identify a problem, we cannot solve it. Calls for silencing of ‘hate speech’ are coming from all sorts of unlikely places these days. From universities to Twitter and Facebook. Canadians spend a lot of time in these places and on these platforms. Yet, our government is spending time and money to regulate them, to weed out poorly defined, always changing ‘hate speech.’  Ideas, good or bad, need to be shared. The debate needs to be had. The idea should not be silenced. The idea should rise or fall based on its merits, not its popularity.  

Mark believes we need to stop being limited by political correctness and start having meaningful conversations about tough issues.  In his view, we live in the best country in the world; a free country with boundless opportunity for those willing to work hard and take responsibility for their own lives.  Mark strongly believes in the foundation and values of the People’s Party of Canada; respect, personal responsibility, fairness and freedom.