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Perth-Wellington Liberals announce federal candidate

Climate change, support for cultural industries and women's and LGBTQ rights are key issues for Brendan Knight
20210811 candidate AS
Brendan Knight will run for the Liberal Party in Perth-Wellington.

Liberals in Perth-Wellington have named Stratford resident Brendan Knight as their candidate in the next federal election. 

Knight is a longtime resident of Perth County and Liberal Party member. 

Since graduating from the University of Waterloo with a degree in environmental studies, Knight said he's been involved in nearly every federal and provincial campaign over the past decade, either as a candidate or campaign manager. He currently works as the executive assistant for Scarborough-Guildwood MPP Mitzie Hunter.

"I've always been attracted to politics," Knight said. "I knew early on the importance of good governance in people's lives and communities." 

As a father of two, with another child on the way, "investment in our riding and our community, it's that much more important to me now," he said.

"We've had opposition representation for quite a while and I don't think that best serves the people of Perth Wellington when it comes to important issues like the climate, women's rights, LGBT rights and being there to support people in their time of need," he said. "No more stark example of that has been during this pandemic."

Knight said he's, "witnessed the impacts of government choices up close," over the past year and a half.

“Ontarians have been looking to government for support, with unprecedented levels of need in housing, childcare, education, and healthcare. While the Ford government stepped back, the Trudeau government stepped up," he continued. 

Knight also wants to see help for the cultural industry, an important economic driver in the riding, particularly in Stratford. 

"I think they need greater advocacy for their specific needs," he said. "So that we can bring that industry back thriving where it was before."