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Writ dropped: Here are your declared federal Guelph candidates

Plans for a federal election were announced Sunday, with voters heading to the polls on Sept. 20 to select the next government.

Each of the major parties have declared candidates set to compete for the Guelph riding this time around. They are:

Michelle Bowman, Green

Aisha Jahangir, NDP

Lloyd Longfield, Liberal

Ashish Sachan, Conservative.

Longfield came out on top of the 2019 election with 40.4 per cent of the local vote, followed by Steve Dyck of the Green Party at 25.5 per cent, Sachan with 19.3 per cent and Jahangir at 12.3 per cent.

Also on the ballot were Mark Paralovos of the People’s Party of Canada (1.4 per cent), Christian Heritage Party’s Gordon Truscott (0.7 per cent) and Jaunitia Burnett representing the Communist Party of Canada (0.2 per cent).

There were two independents as well – Michael Wassilyn (0.2 per cent) and Kornelis Klevering (0.1 per cent).