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Ash and hazard tree removals start in October

We’re removing ash and hazard trees starting this month until spring 2022 in parks and natural areas
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Ellis Creek Wetland
Mitchell Woods Park
Marksam Park
Margaret Greene Park
Hadati Creek (Watson Parkway North to York Road)
Ridgeway Greenway (Arkell Road to Jenson Boulevard)
Westminster Woods
Sugar Tree Woodlot
Elmira Park (57 Elmira Road North)
Dunhill Park
Peter Misersky Park

Trees to be removed will be marked with an orange “X”. This work is being done as a part of our Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Plan and annual hazard tree removal operation.

Woodlands, trails, roads and sidewalks will temporarily close during the work, limiting access to trails, parks and natural areas. Please respect our crews and stay out of signed work areas.

Watch your ash

Hazardous limbs and trees from private property are the responsibility of the owner. Under the Property Standards Bylaw, you must reassess, remove and replace any ash trees impacted by EAB or hazard trees.

For more information
519-837-5626 or click HERE

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