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No more lawn watering for now: City’s outside water use program moves to level 2 red

Now in effect
Level 2 Red water use

Level changes to red from yellow

In response to recent hot, dry weather, the City is changing watering restrictions to level 2 red from level 1 yellow as part of its Outside Water Use Program. The restrictions for level 2 red are:


  • lawn watering is not permitted
  • decorative gardens can only be watered between 7-9 a.m. and 7-9 p.m. on odd or even calendar dates based on address number; odd numbered houses can water on odd numbered dates, and even numbered houses on even dates
  • no restrictions on watering food gardens and trees
  • at–home vehicle washing (cars, boats, trailers, etc.) is not permitted
  • decorative fountains must recirculate water or be turned off
  • garden or outdoor hoses in use must have a shut-off nozzle
  • wasting water, such as washing driveways, decks and sidewalks, is not permitted


The City will continue to monitor conditions and work with the Grand River Conservation Authority throughout the summer to decide if and when water use levels can or should change.

The City’s longstanding outside water use program was created to help conserve Guelph’s groundwater supply by managing water demands during peak periods and reducing non-essential use when the Grand River watershed is stressed.

Guelph is one of Canada’s largest cities relying on groundwater for its water supply. Groundwater sources are replenished by precipitation and we all must take extra care to use water wisely at all times, especially during drought-like conditions.


For more information

Karen McKeown, Landscape and Yard Program Coordinator
Compliance and Performance, Environmental Services
519-822-1260 extension 2109