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Virtual Rage & Release- Friday Happy Hour

Join us for an hour of stretching, breathing and letting it all out! We will be incorporating elements of yoga, meditation and stretching (release) and encouraging you to get loud and vocal with grunts and lots of yelling (rage)! Bring your outdoor voice and get ready to release more than just tight muscles;)

You will need:
- Yoga mat
- Bolster
- Pillow
- Yoga blocks or similar supports

We recommend that you let others in your household know that you are participating in this class - give them a warning so they're not startled by your yelling and grunting (haha)!

This class is part of our Friday Happy Hour series, which features a different class every week! Classes are included for members or you can purchase a drop in pass for just $20+tax.

We require participants to pre-register for classes and you can do so right up until 35 minutes before the class start time.

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