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There are a number of solutions and treatment options for foot pain. For heel pain due to plantar fasciitis, the pain is always at its worst first thing in the morning and usually responds really well to stretching and proper arch support. Arch support must be an around-the-clock treatment and not simply when you are active or at work. We recommend supportive shoes and custom orthotics. Also, while at home, consider slippers that accommodate an orthotic.

If you have had a return in plantar fasciitis pain, your treatment will need to be a bit more aggressive and so we may offer a night splint, cortisone injection or special foot support sleeve, such as Orthosleeve. If you are already wearing orthotics, we will determine whether or not your orthotic needs to be adjusted or if it is doing its job well.

If you’ve laced up your running shoes, only to find that your heel pain has returned, request an appointment with one of BioPed’s Footcare Clinician. We can help! or call us at 519-821-7310

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