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Pre-order your next meal!

Our June meal is a Pasta Primavera made by Kris Simmons from S&V Uptown! When you purchase our Pasta Primavera, not only do you get a delicious take out meal, you also support your community.

100% of your purchase goes to supporting Hope House's Food Market and Farm.

You can support this work by purchasing our meal this month,

Last year, over half a million dollars worth of groceries were distributed to those experiencing poverty in Guelph through the Hope House Food Market. In the same year, the Hope House farm grew 15,000 pounds of fresh produce that was given to those in need in our community.

Meal Description:
With colourful vegetables, fresh herbs, and delicious garlic pesto sauce, this pasta primavera is the perfect spring and summer dish. Primavera means spring in Italian, after all! It's a refreshing, delicious, and filling dish, you won't want to miss out on this one! Beautifully garnished with edible flowers and micro greens.

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