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Making the most of your storage unit

Are you moving from a larger home into a smaller one? Fitting all of your belongings into the new space might prove to be a challenge.

When this type of situation occurs, we advise renting a storage unit for your things. Placing your items into a storage unit is a great way to take care of any items you aren’t making use of until you decide what to do with them.

If you have a limited amount of space available, staying organized is key. To help you out, we’ve gathered several useful tips on how to fit everything you have without too much effort. But before we begin, we are certain you have asked yourself: “How large of a storage unit do I need?”

The answer depends on how many items you are looking to store and their actual volume/weight. As you will read below, creating a list of everything you want to store can help a lot in that direction.

Begin by creating an inventory list

It’s much easier to organize your belongings if you create an inventory list first. If you have the time, you can also take photos of various possessions. Otherwise, it can be difficult to remember what you have stored.

Boxes or clear bins for packing

Both are easy to stack, not to mention they can be sealed to protect your belongings from dust, dirt or mould. Clear bins can also be more expensive, but they do allow you to see inside. Either way, you should label all of your boxes and use tape for additional protection.

Do your best to fill each box to its maximum capacity — however, we advise refraining from making them too heavy.

Shelves for easier access

Planning on visiting the storage unit regularly? If the answer is yes, use shelves to store your items. These can free up your unit. Also, they offer the easy access you are looking for. They will help you stay organized. Or you can use old bookcases for the same purpose.

Disassemble large furniture and store it in the back

You should disassemble large furniture pieces and place them at the back of the storage unit, as they will occupy the least amount of space. Consider storing certain items, such as headboards or bed frames vertically. By doing that, you will have more space in the front. Preferably, this is where you should store items used frequently, or those of a smaller volume and lower weight.

Use every inch of the space

Pegboards can be highly useful, as they allow you to use wall space. You can hang various items on them, tools in particular. Larger items, such as bikes or other heavy equipment, can hang from the ceiling. You can then access those using a foldable ladder or a step stool.

When renting a storage unit, it’s normal to have many other questions. Such as: are storage units safe? In regards to that, the answer is yes. As a general rule, such facilities offer a 24/7 digital surveillance system, password-protected access and adequate illumination to prevent trespassing and burglaries.

Can I rent a storage unit for a month? This is another important question. Yes, you can rent storage units on a month-to-month basis. The price will differ according to location, rental duration, available surface, level of service, and insurance.

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