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Has your kid lost their spark?

It’s no secret that the pre-teen, teenager, and young adult years can be challenging for the individual, and quite often for their family by extension.

Teaming up with a Social-Emotional Mentor can help.

Adding the intentional, reliable, and genuine support of a trusted non-parental adult helps by strengthening the mentee’s social web, which can have stabilizing effects on their mental, emotional, and physical health.

A meaningful social connection with an adult outside of the family is a key to:

  • Lower rates of anxiety and depression
  • Higher self-esteem and confidence
  • Overcoming adversities
  • Decreasing feelings of loneliness
  • Increasing empathy toward others and improving relationships
  • Greater academic/professional achievement
  • Becoming more trusting and cooperative
  • Decreasing risky behaviours and bad habits
  • Developing a desire to give back
  • Lower rates of stress
  • A healthier lifestyle and longer life

Comrade Morpho is a mentorship program where Jackie and her mentees to spend high-quality 1-on-1 time together, doing relaxed and fun mentee-centric joint activities. During this time, Jackie provides them with a safe, comfortable, and confidential space where they feel seen, heard, supported, and celebrated.

If you and your child could benefit from this type of support, click here to instantly book a free 1-hour consultation call with Jackie.

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