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📢 Hey Sports Fans - Meet your fundraising goals 📢

📢 Hey Schools & Sports Teams 📢

Take your fundraising goals to the next level with our Candle Fundraiser!


🌟 Reach Your Goals
Set your own sale price

🌟 No Bulk Buying
You don't have to worry about inventory; what's ordered is what's received!

🌟 Get Paid Right Away
Funds raised on every purchase goes straight to your organization

🌟 Pain Free Process
You coordinate the sellers and we'll arrange the bulk order and delivery

Each all natural soy wax candle is made with natural fragrance oils and cost $10 each (we suggest a fundraising price of $16)

Candles make a beautiful gift for yourself or a friend while helping your community

Visit our website and contact us to get started today 🥰

📩 [email protected]
📞 (519) 212-1983

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