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Identity 101: Building the Foundation For Life & Business

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Before we can find our “why” or discover our passions or define our purpose in life, we must begin the journey of self-discovery by asking ourselves the age-old question “who am I?” By clearly articulating a sense of self and identity, we can only then begin the delve into our development as individuals or as leaders. Defining a true sense of self while understanding and identifying the things that shape us, leads to an overwhelming sense of confidence and clarity. Confidence in knowing who we truly are, as well as the confidence to know who we are NOT.

What Will I Learn?

This session will delve into the factors that shape and influence our identity, both internally and externally, uncovering things about ourselves we often overlook. By understanding the importance of our personal definition of who we are, beyond social media personas and societal constructs, participants will learn how to take charge of how they view themselves and what they represent to others. With a clearly defined identity statement, participants will begin the journey of understanding the link between identity and confidence and how this results in greater clarity of thoughts, words, and actions. Identity. Confidence. Clarity. The beginning of a journey towards a life fueled by passion and driven by purpose.

Who Should Attend?

Those who are seeking to develop a personal identity statement to better understand their strengths and abilities and how this is the foundation towards greater confidence and clarity of mission and purpose.

Business owners and budding entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of creating a vision or mission statement for their business.

Existing business owners looking to re-invent themselves or their ideas to meet new trends and emerging innovations.

Presented By: Joe Danis, Founder @ unum

Culture, community, and contribution have always been core elements of Joe’s overall approach to leadership. With a career than spans over 20 years focused on increasing the capacity of others to achieve their goals and find purpose, Joe has consistently developed highly engaged teams that are results driven while performing in an environment that is conducive to personal growth and overall wellness. It is Joe’s belief that creating and sustaining a healthy workplace culture is the cornerstone of any successful team, organization, or company. By empowering others, supporting their growth, and leading with purpose, he has consistently been able to inspire innovation and create opportunities for individual and team success.

Over the years and most recently through his TEDx Talk at the University of Paderborn (Germany), Joe have received a multitude of opportunities to speak candidly on his passions as they relate to the importance of contribution, connection, and community. Through this process Joe has identified his purpose to be ‘connecting people to experiences and opportunities’. Humbled by his experiences across the globe and throughout his career, Joe still maintain that critical reflection must be a part of the human experience in order to ensure continuous personal growth and instill a true sense of connection to the communities he serves.

Joe is currently the Founder of unum Consulting and the unum Society as well as serving as the Vice-President of Student Affairs & Organizational Development at Campus Living Centres. Joe resides in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada with his wife Pam and their two children Maya and Luc.

Sponsored By: Staples / a2p+ / unum / One King North

Staples - 370 Stone Rd W.

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