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Adopt Me: Bailey is very active (adopted)

Looking for a dog to do agility or flyball? She’s your girl

GuelphToday, in partnership with the Guelph Humane Society, brings you this feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


Everyone meet Bailey! Bailey is a sweet gal looking for owners who are willing to be patient with her and who are looking for a pet project.

She’s a VERY active girl who will need lots of high intensity exercise and mental stimulation to keep her happy- looking for a dog to do agility or flyball? She’s your gal- she’s such a smart cookie (and already knows how to fetch).

Bailely picks and chooses dogs she gets along with, but typically gets along with other high energy dogs who can match her speed.

Bailey came in as a stray so not a whole lot is known about her, she can be insecure and am in need of some confidence building and socialization.

She’s generally a friendly girl, but can be a little fearful with being handled (touch sensitive), and can resource guard as well.

Due to her special behaviours, she will be required to be signed up for individual training sessions to address her touch sensitivity and resource guarding, only trainers who utilize positive reinforcement, touch-free methods only to set this girl up for success! Interested? Come down to the shelter to see her today!

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