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Adopt Me: Dixie needs some help to build her confidence (adopted)

Due to her fearfulness and resource guarding, the shelter strongly prefers a home with no children less than 16 years old

GuelphToday, in partnership with the Guelph Humane Society, brings you this feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


Hi everyone! My name is Dixie and I'm sweet and playful girl looking for a new home. I've been through a lot in my short life, and can be timid and fearful at first with new people and in new situations.

I've been shuffled from home to home (through no fault of my own) and unfortunately that has resulted in me being a little nervous - I'll need an experienced owner with large dog experience (ideally familiar with shepherds and fearful dogs) willing to help build my confidence.

I can be quite protective of my home and loved ones, and guard vigorously (you should hear my bark!). A detached home is an absolute must, as neighbours with shared walls (e.g., apartments and townhomes) definitely won't be appreciative of how vocal I can be.

I'm an energetic, athletic girl who would love lots of exercise and mental stimulation. I will resource-guard my food, toys and rawhide. I appear to be good with other dogs, but the shelter would recommend that I go to a home without any cats due to my interactions with them at the shelter.

Due to my fearfulness and resource guarding, the shelter will strongly prefer a home with no children less than 16 years of age to set me up for success.

I'll be required to be signed up for private training sessions, with a trainer who utilizes positive reinforcement, touch-free methods ONLY to help me cope with my fearfulness and resource guarding.

Despite my tough outer shell I'm a very affectionate girl once I know you, but also sensitive and so any negative training (even a stern "no") might push me further away from my new owners.

Interested? Please come down to the shelter to see me during Adoption Viewing hours! I hope to see you soon! Xoxo- Dixie

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