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Adopt Me: Ginger needs an owner with some patience (adopted)

Meet Ginger! Ginger is a 1.5 year old Boxer x Shepherd mix. She is currently in a foster home, as the shelter is an especially scary place for this shy girl.

GuelphToday, in partnership with the Guelph Humane Society, brings you this feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


Meet Ginger! Ginger is a 1.5-year-old Boxer/Shepherd mix. She is currently in a foster home, as the shelter is an especially scary place for this shy girl.

She is a little unsure of new people at first, but is a very sweet girl once she gets to know you. Ginger is great with her current foster family and is super affectionate. She craves lots of attention and is a sucker for cuddles!

Though great with her people, Ginger is fearful when strangers invade her space, and shows aggressive behaviour towards new visitors to her home. Ginger is working on this behaviour in her foster home, and with lots of treats and positive reinforcement, she eventually will come around to visitors.

Ginger will need someone who is willing to spend time to continue working with her and a trainer on this behaviour using only positive reinforcement. Working with a trainer immediately after adoption is mandatory for her to work with her shyness and fearfulness in new situations.

Outside of the house (on walks, at the park, etc.), Ginger is friendly with strangers and loves other dogs. Ginger has tons of energy and needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation (otherwise she gets bored and can be destructive in the home).

Ginger is house trained and crate trained, but her previous experiences with kids haven't been great. She can be very timid and does not like quick movements and louder noises.

She is requiring a home with owners no younger than 16 years of age. She would also prefer a home with no cats or small animals as she loves to chase them!

Ginger would thrive in a quiet home with another dog to play with and keep her busy. If you have previous experience with large timid dogs, Ginger will be your best loving companion.

To learn more about adopting Ginger, please contact or visit us at 500 Wellington Street West.

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