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Adopt Me: Jinx needs a patient and quiet home (adopted)

A home where someone is around frequently would be best to set this girl up for success

GuelphToday, in partnership with the Guelph Humane Society, brings you this feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


Meet Jinx, a beautiful girl inside and out! Jinx is a sweet, timid soul who needs a patient and quiet home as she can become easily overwhelmed, but she warms up quickly to strangers assuming that they know to approach her slowly.

In her previous home Jinx was left up to seven hours by herself but did not take to it well - she would get into things and did not do well crated. It's possible she has separation anxiety, so a home where someone is home frequently would be best to set this girl up for success!

Jinx hasn't lived with children before but her interactions with them have been great - assuming the children know to be slow and gentle. Due to this we recommend a home with children who are eight years or older, although this is negotiable depending on if the child can be respectful and isn't very excitable or loud.

Jinx has lived with a senior dog in her previous home, so a home with a calm dog would probably work for her. Her history with cats is unknown but she appears to be friendly with them.

Jinx is not fully house-trained and has the occasional accident, so someone who is willing to gently guide this girl and refresh on her house-training would be needed.

Jinx shows typical hound traits in that she is prone to wandering and "follows her nose", so we highly recommend that she never be let off leash unless it's in a fecned in area.

Jinx has had cancer in her past and while she doesn't have cancer now, her new owner(s) would need to be prepared that it may come up again in her future. Our dear Jinx qualifies for the Superb Senior Discount, her adoption fee is only $275! She hopes to see you soon.

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