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Debbie Travis' House to Home: Cozy up

In this question and answer column, Debbie Travis discusses a few options for warming up a space
Vicenza V5.2 pellet stove heats up the temperature and style of your home with its contemporary design and multiple settings.

Dear Debbie;

We are planning on putting a stove into our cabin for heat as well as comfort and atmosphere. Would you suggest a pellet stove? Thanks for your tips.


Dear Petro

When you are choosing a stove or fireplace, it makes sense to check out the availability and cost of the fuel you will require. There are efficient heaters run by propane, wood, and electricity. A pellet stove burns pellets of processed wood. If you have access to a retailer who sells these stoves, and have an outlet nearby to buy the pellets, this is an economical solution for you. The pellet fuel is easier to store than wood, with less mess to deal with. Pellet stoves can be quite noisy, so listen to one in action before you buy. It's not a nice surprise to install a stove only to be disturbed by the noise it makes.

Recently I discovered Vicenza pellet stoves. They are an ultra-modern, Italian designed stove that is now available in North America. For a retailer near you, visit their site, John Czerwonka, V.P. Sales for Vicenza, notes that the Vicenza is quieter than other pellet stoves, and its sleek, ceramic finish adds style to any room. The pellets, which are the fuel source, meet emission standards, and burn cleaner than wood, which is a major consideration for today's savvy homeowners. Pellet stoves are little furnaces that can be ducted to heat an entire home. The V5.2 stove shown here has five manual power settings, or you can set it on modulation mode, which will auto-adjust to maintain your desired room temperature. Zone heating allows this stove to heat two additional areas or rooms, and all three zones can be individually controlled.

You also mention that you are looking for a heat source that will create a pleasing atmosphere. This is a personal choice, as some of us love the look and sound of live flames, and nothing can replace that. Gas fireplaces come close with flames that dance around faux logs. Electric heaters/fireplaces are configured to replicate the look of burning coals and low flames. The Vicenza stove has an attractive live flame viewed through the ceramic glass window. Enjoy your cozy cabin this winter. 

Dear Debbie;

I'm renting a condo that is small, but very bright and open. There is a full wall of glass, (window and door to balcony). Loved it in the summer, but now it feels cold. No fireplace. Should I go for drapes, which I don't particularly like? Thanks for your advice.


Dear Monica;

With that much open glass, drapery panels would certainly help. But there are other ways to heat up your decor in style. Winter fabrics and colours radiate warmth. Layer your sofa with flannel or wool cushions, or one of the synthetic fabrics that feel soft and fleecy. Drape one or two blankets over the back of your favourite seating. Choose colours from the warm end of the spectrum including red, orange and golden yellow. These saturated shades have a proven psychological effect, stimulating us and making us feel warmer. Transform the cool, sleek appearance of a table or buffet made of glass and steel with a seasonal runner. Tartans and stripes are energizing. It's not necessary to carry the colour to the walls. A neutral background provides a good base for both summer and winter decorating. 

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