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Debbie Travis' House to Home: Welcome in a new look

Rosy gold copper, leather veneer, marble and glass are all topics of discussion in this week's column from Debbie Travis
The headboard is made with Formica's new dECOleather, a veneer made from recycled leather remnants. Photo provided

As much as I enjoy all the festivities and the mad rush of the holiday season, I equally anticipate the much-needed lull that follows in January. Now is the time to take a breath, return to yoga, roll back the sugar intake, and luxuriate in simple, quiet pleasures. I don't make resolutions per se, as I don't need the angst of not following up on my promises. In the interior design and decor world, I review the trends that we loved in the past year, look at those that will endure, and see what the future holds. If you are dreaming of decorating during this new year, this month I will be highlighting  colours and products that have arrived in full swing on the scene.   

We are moving away from bland pastels into darker shades of green that invite the outside in, pink and orange terra cottas, and plum purples. However, white and off-white walls are always in style. A good way to update your décor is by adding a colourful piece of furniture, a painted table, and a blast of colour through well-placed accessories and lamps that contrast perfectly with a neutral background.

Rather than a change of address, renovating has fast become the chosen path to updating our homes. It may be as simple as repainting some rooms and adding a fresh piece of furniture or art. Larger challenges -- expanding kitchens, revamping the bathroom, or building an addition take lots of planning. An increasing popular request is to create a quiet nook at home where you can go to unplug, read, play with family, or just sit. Surround yourself with warm, restful materials, wooden bookshelves and paneling, soft materials on comfy seating, squishy cushions ñ bean bags are back in fashion in bright, primary school colours and Asian prints. This inviting décor will help you relax and rejuvenate. 

Recycling is part of the main stream now. Salvaged wood is seen everywhere, from dining tables to wall panels, and even lighting. See for chandeliers and lamps made with salvaged wood, drift wood and rusted iron. 

Leather is a handsome and durable material that transcends trends. However, over the last decade its popularity has expanded from the familiar and tactile den sofa and office chair to include floor tiles and countertops, furniture, wall panels and cabinets, all using recycled leather products. EcoDomo, is a company that has seen this trend grow. Their creativity and style with leather tiles, and wall panels fashioned from recycled leather remnants is remarkable. They have recently joined Formica with a new product called dECOleather that is a leather veneer that has all the best qualities of leather, the look, feel and aroma joined up with the ease of fabrication. Shown here is a stunning headboard that demonstrates the versatility in design and style. DECOleather's Crocodile in Ivory and Toffee-coloured Walrus veneers offer a unique character to the bed. Tradesmen work with dECOleather in the same way they do with other veneers. Visit and use search word dECOleather to learn more about this trend.

The rosy gold shades of copper are inspiring this year for the bath, kitchen and accessories. You'll find examples of products that highlight the warm glow of copper on its own, and also paired with marble and glass at Copper is now the new chrome in kitchen and bathroom fixtures - a trend that will last for many years.

Trends are only a guideline; the best advice is to go with your heart, and enjoy your decorating journey this year, and for years to come.

Debbie Travis' House to Home column is produced by Debbie Travis and Barbara Dingle. Please email your questions to You can follow Debbie on Twitter at, and visit Debbie's new website


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