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Debbie Travis' House to Home

<b>Debbie Travis' House to Home:</b> Colour coded

Debbie Travis' House to Home: Colour coded

What to do with old wood and other grainy questions answered this week
<b>Debbie Travis' House to Home:</b> Write it yourself

Debbie Travis' House to Home: Write it yourself

This week, Debbie explores the idea of decorative hand lettering
<b>House to Home:</b> Paving the way

House to Home: Paving the way

This week, Debbie answers questions about pavers and fitting your furniture into a new space
<b>House to Home:</b> The many faces of white

House to Home: The many faces of white

A reader named Wendy brings her white woes to Debbie Travis for warmth
<b>House to Home:</b> Tantalizing tablescapes

House to Home: Tantalizing tablescapes

This week, Debbie Travis dishes on the best set tables and efficient layouts for small homes
<b>House to Home:</b> The expanded kitchen

House to Home: The expanded kitchen

This week Debbie Travis discusses options for a larger kitchen with multiple roles
<b>House to Home:</b> Balcony bliss

House to Home: Balcony bliss

Debbie Travis answers readers' questions about decorating a balcony and harmonizing different tastes in decorating
<b>House to Home:</b> The stylish tile divide

House to Home: The stylish tile divide

Open concept design has much going for it
<b>Debbie Travis' House to Home:</b> Getting the Blues

Debbie Travis' House to Home: Getting the Blues

This week Debbie Travis answers questions about updating a small apartment kitchen and finishing a collage on a coffee table
<b>House to Home:</b> Country finishes

House to Home: Country finishes

The Giannettis are living the dream