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Indulging in the precious moments

'Whether it’s overspending, overeating, or over scheduling, it’s easy to let the holidays disrupt every facet of your life,' says Brianna Bell in this week's 'Mom of the House'
2017-12-06 Mom of the House Brianna Bell
Brianna's three daughters pictured this Christmas in her home. Photo provided by Brianna Bell

It’s a quiet afternoon in my tiny townhouse, a typical day filled with moments of peace and chaos, the cycle that never ends in a home with three kids. A large pot of mulled cider is simmering on low, leaving me with the heady aroma of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Our doorbell rings disrupting our moment of peace. Little feet tap-tap on the linoleum as my daughter comes bounding across the house. I open the door to the blistering cold, holding her back with my leg. A large box stamped with Amazon’s logo sits on my front porch, and I quickly pick it up and whisk it upstairs. By now my seven-month-old is awake, screaming to be picked up.

I close my eyes and breathe deep the scent of mulled cider while I soothe my upset little one.

Downstairs we turn on some Christmas music and my kids settle down. Georgia, my three-year-old, quietly plays with the nativity set beside our glimmering Christmas tree. Seven-month-old Eloise coos and smiles, already a lover of music.

Christmas in our home is a special time of year. Everything feels brighter, and more exciting. Our house exudes comfort and peace, with a dash of disorder and magic mixed in.

This year, I have tried my best to create an atmosphere of quiet and peace during the holiday season, while infusing wonder and joy that only the magic of Christmas can bring.

It’s hard not to get wrapped up in overindulgence over the holiday season. Whether it’s overspending, overeating, or over scheduling, it’s easy to let the holidays disrupt every facet of your life.

According to PwC Canada, Canadians spend on average $1,500 over the holiday season, which includes gifts, travel and entertainment over the holidays. Gaining weight over the holidays is also a universal problem, according to this study.

As much as I love the holidays, I can see how Christmas has become problematic for many, myself included. During past Christmases, I have been consumed with indulging and got hit hard with an empty wallet and clothes that don’t fit in January.

This year I am trying to do things differently. We are giving what we can, with what we have. I am also choosing not to overindulgence this month, opting out of Christmas baking, and choosing healthier homemade meals for our family.

Instead, I am focused on embracing with pure delight the sweet and simple moments of Christmas and the traditions it brings. Instead of overindulging, I am simply indulging in the precious moments that only come once a year.