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Saxon on the Storm: Guelph Storm's McEwan battles through tough season

'I'd rather have 20 points and make the playoffs than have 50 points and not make the playoffs'

In a year of many frustrations for the Guelph Storm, no one has the right to feel it more than forward James McEwan.

This was supposed to be a big year for the Chatham native.

Coming off a campaign in which he led the team in goals (25) points (52) and got an invite to the Pittsburgh Penguins rookie camp, McEwan was poised for big things.

But as it has for many Storm players, things haven't quite gone according to plan.

McEwan enters Friday's home game against the Flint Firebirds with just nine goals and 14 assists in 38 games.

"It's not all about the points. I'd rather have 20 points and make the playoffs than have 50 points and not make the playoffs," said McEwan, who turns 20 next month.

A broken jaw, line juggling, filling in on defence and being taken off the number one power play unit have all contributed to the lower numbers.

"With every season a little adversity comes. Obviously with the injury I got set back a little bit," said McEwan, who turns 20 next month.

"But it's important that you look at the big picture, and that's the team's success ahead of your own ... It's easy to let it boil over, but it's important to keep things in perspective. We need a playoff spot and that's the most important thing right now.

"What's important is making the playoffs. Scouts come to see players that play in the playoffs and they want players that win."

Frustration is a natural by-product of adversity. Unfortunately, when a hockey player gets frustrated they often start changing things or trying to do too much, which can often compound the problem.

When times are tough a player needs to get back to their core personality in determining how to handle it and not react to the moment.

"I think I'm a pretty easy-going person. It's not like I go out there and try and be selfish to try and get on the scoresheet. That's not how I play," McEwan said.