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Wine All the Time

<b>Weekend Wine:</b> Boo!

Weekend Wine: Boo!

Halloween wines are on sale now at the LCBO
<b>Weekend Wine:</b> Where to?

Weekend Wine: Where to?

Travel around the world with a trip to the LCBO
<b>Weekend Wine:</b> Is it Cabernet Time?

Weekend Wine: Is it Cabernet Time?

Cabernet Sauvignon, that is.
<b>Weekend Wine:</b> Marc Pistor and Fogolar

Weekend Wine: Marc Pistor and Fogolar

This week, Vin chats with former Saultite, Marc Pistor, a consulting winemaker with his own label, Fogolar
<b>Weekend Wine:</b> Shop at

Weekend Wine: Shop at

On July 26, the LCBO initiated a broad service for the on-line purchasing of over 5,000 products, including wine, spirits, and beer. At Shop LCBO.COM , the products may come from the general LCBO list or Vintages, or they may be on-line exclusives.
<b>Weekend Wine:</b> The 'Flower of the Cape'

Weekend Wine: The 'Flower of the Cape'

This week, Vin provides us with his recommendations - and a lovely fish rub recipe to enjoy our wine with
<b>Weekend Wine:</b> And now, Rosé!

Weekend Wine: And now, Rosé!

With nice warm weather ahead of us, it is definitely time to write about – and drink – rosé
<b>Weekend Wine: </b> Bonanza!

Weekend Wine: Bonanza!

A Rosé by any other name - wait, hold the presses! Have you seen the July 9 Vintages Release!?
<b>Weekend Wine:</b> Dom Perignon and Doritos?

Weekend Wine: Dom Perignon and Doritos?

Well, maybe not.
<b>Weekend Wine: </b>Ain’t it grand!

Weekend Wine: Ain’t it grand!

This week, Vin Greco leads us on an exploration of Chianti wines