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'Flock it forward' for Lakeside HOPE House with socially distant fundraiser

#Flock4Hope will support Lakeside HOPE House as they help the community recover from COVID-19
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Capstone Real Estate Professionals has partnered with Lakeside HOPE House to promote a fundraiser that will help raise money for those in need in the Guelph

With COVID-19 continuing, this fundraiser will put a smile on many people’s faces. The hashtag #Flock4Hope represents what this fundraiser is all about! Recently, Lakeside HOPE House was able to purchase the building in which they have called home - but they need the community’s support. Their Capital Campaign fundraiser is designed to help them keep funds in their programs and services - where they are needed most; and not just in the building.

Lakeside HOPE House provides support for those in need whether that is for immediate relief or ongoing support. The goal of this fundraiser is to help raise money to hit their $2 million goal.

Curious about what “flocking” even is? It is a fundraising event that you can do while socially distancing!

How can you flock? When visiting our website,, you will have the option to donate either $50, getting you 12 flamingos or $100, providing you with 24.

Once you have successfully donated, you will receive an email asking for the information of the person you want to “flock.” Ariana Christie and the Capstone team members will then go to their house and put 12, or 24 plastic flamingos on their front lawn.

The recipient will receive a note saying who flocked them as well as information on how to “flock it forward” to continue this amazing fundraiser. After a couple of days, we will then remove the flamingos from your front lawn, sanitize them, and bring them over to the next person!

This is an exciting and light-hearted way to bring up someone’s mood and encourage those who have the funds to donate and help their community thrive.

As Ariana Christie states, “we have been impacted by COVID-19, and we believe this would be the perfect time to put a smile on someone’s face. We are very excited to flock for hope and raise money for the Guelph community. Thank you to all who participate and donate.”

If you are “flocked” we encourage you to tag @capstonereps on Instagram and Facebook as well as add the hashtag #flock4hope. One hundred per cent of the donations to benefit Lakeside HOPE House. This fundraiser will run from July 13 - Aug. 15, 2020.

About Lakeside HOPE House

Lakeside HOPE House provides individuals and families with immediate relief such as food and clothing, as well as individual support and programs to help them move out of poverty and towards an independent, hopeful future. With the help and support of Lakeside HOPE House, people are discovering talents, jobs, community and self-worth.

HOPE House is about creating and providing a community for those who need it the most. With our Capital Campaign, we are working towards providing a stable and sustainable environment where community members can flock to in order to access various services and programs.

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