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Guelph tries to stay distanced on a hot sunny weekend (17 photos)

Guelph enjoys the outdoors on a beautiful sunny weekend while trying to maintain social distancing

The internet exploded Saturday with scenes of people crammed into a park in downtown Toronto, clearly not adhering to the rules of physical distancing that asks people to stay two metres apart.

In Guelph people were also out enjoying the sunny weather, where temperatures hit 28 C on Sunday, and for the most part were doing a pretty good job of maintaining social distancing.

A tour of the local sunny hot spots – Riverside Park, Royal City Park, Guelph Lake Conservation Area, Exhibition Park – found lots of people out, but they seemed to be making efforts to stay at lest two metres apart. The only place that seemed to be difficult was on some of the narrow trails as groups and cyclists passed by one another.

Temperatures are expected to stay in the high 20s the first part of this week before cooling off on Friday.