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Mentalist with chronic pain virtually performs to give back to Guelph General Hospital

During this pandemic, Cody Moynihan says everyone can benefit from a little magic
Mentalist Cody Moynihan. Supplied photo

An Elora mentalist is putting his illusionist skills to use in order to distract viewers during the pandemic and all proceeds will go directly to The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital.

“I feel I owe a lot to the hospital and I would like to do this to support them,” said mentalist Cody Moynihan.

On May 23, Moynihan will deliver a live-stream performance on Zoom where he will use different techniques to create the illusion of mind reading. The performance will be highly interactive with viewers given the opportunity to volunteer for some of the tricks in the comfort of their home.

Moynihan aims to show just how easy it is to manipulate and influence people's thoughts, revealing key pieces of information such as a bank pin number or phone pin number using psychological tricks. 

During the pandemic, he said everyone can benefit from a little magic.

“A lot of tomorrow’s show is going to rely on how I am talking during the show and different things I am doing with my hands to influence people to think of certain things,” said Moynihan.

“I will tell people up front that there is no supernatural ability here because I really don’t like it when people like to play that it's real.” 

For Moynihan, this performance is important because of his personal experience dealing with the medical workers at Guelph General Hospital.

After an accident in 2010, Moynihan has had over 800 ER visits and spent over 10 weeks in Guelph General to help him with severe chronic pain in his right arm. Donating all proceeds from the show is his way of expressing gratitude to the hospital staff for taking care of him over the years. After the accident Moynihan says he developed methods to strengthen his mind and save his life. This mental stamina enables him to access the subtleties of the human mind.

Moynihan’s goal is to raise $5,000 for the foundation. To get there, Cody Moynihan Productions Inc. is covering all costs associated with this event to ensure 100 percent of ticket sales can be donated to the foundation. 

“If we don’t meet that $5,000 mark I’ll donate the money to offset it just because I’ve seen what the nurses have gone through over the last couple of months,” said Moynihan.

The show will take place on Saturday, May 23rd at 7:30 p.m over the Zoom video conference and is suitable for ages 16 and up. Tickets can be purchased for $15 here.