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Nurses give back to community after being overwhelmed with support

Three ICU nurses donated food and cash to the Guelph Food Bank
Guelph General Hospital ICU nurses Paige, Ashley and Brittany donate boxes of diapers, food, cash and gift cards to the Guelph Food Bank on May 11, 2020. Supplied photo

To show appreciation for donations from the community, a team of three nurses from the ICU ward at Guelph General Hospital collected food, cash, and gift cards to donate to the Guelph Food Bank. 

The team of nurses donated several boxes of non-perishable food items, diapers, $500 cash and a handful of gift cards to the Guelph Food Bank on May 11. 

“We decided to give back to the community and send a thank you to them,” said nurse Paige Winton.

Winton said to date, the ICU ward received approximately 150 surgical caps and a generous amount of food donations for their 55 staff members. 

She said because the team cares for sick patients — sometimes for several hours on end — it feels very nice to know that they’re appreciated. 

“It brings up morale a little bit,” said Winton. 

“It’s very uplifting.”

She said many times people forget about the equipment needed by hospitals unless they frequent their buildings often. 

“It’s important for us because we’ve been working long hours and it's stressful. The caps that were donated — we wear them every day,” said Winton. 

“It’s super helpful.”

Winton said many workers also use the masks to wear out in public. She said donations and support such as the ones they've received for the past two months make medical workers feel appreciated and recognized. 

“It’s really nice to see that the community is really showing their generosity and their support to us when we need it most,” said Winton. 

“The Guelph General Hospital's ICU staff would like to thank the community with all of the generous donations that have been received through this pandemic. We truly appreciate everyone coming together to help out,” said the team of nurses.