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Rob Cameron

Rob Cameron

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. With a passion for the magic of science, chemistry in particular, who could have foreseen that my journey would have brought me into the world of fundraising? My particular path to such a wonderfully fulfilling career with the Foundation of Guelph General Hospital has been anything but straight forward and in all honesty, sometimes painful.

My journey with my four children has taught me more than anything I ever learned in a classroom. None more than with my second child, Holly, who was born with a serious heart condition and passed away shortly before her fourth birthday. Although filled with heartache, these 4 years were also filled with laughter, triumph and above all, magic.

My path taught me that we have so much to be thankful for: the passion of our Doctors, the compassion of GGH and the magic of specialized hospitals like SickKids. I have learned that without community support to bring the life saving technologies and programs into our communities, there would be no magic.

That is why, with my wonderful wife, we ran a fundraiser called Holly’s Heart for several years. We were passionate about providing a tribute to Holly that would celebrate her life with family and friends, while giving back to organizations that made it possible to enjoy our 4 cherished years with her.

My path towards being Senior Development Officer at the Foundation, ignited my passion for community philanthropy. I know first-hand what a direct difference your gift can make to a life in our community, a friend or a family member. Together with our community I want to do my part to bring more to our Hospital so we can make more magic.

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