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Many people feel that church has lost its edge and relevance and there is a surge of people walking away from faith and church altogether. Research has shown... people are less open to the idea of church, church is becoming increasingly unfamiliar to people, people would prefer attending another activity other than a Sunday service.

We wrestled with these growing trends and dreamed of starting a church for those who don't do church. It is our desire to create irresistible environments for those who are seeking, starting or returning to faith.

  • Where people could come as they are
  • Where the next generation finds purpose and meaning
  • Teaching that is simple, practical, and relevant

In Acts 15:19, Paul says “It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for people who are turning to God".

​At Milestone, we've created six Cultural Values that are designed to act as guard rails to remain focused on our mission, vision and strategy.

  1. WE ARE ALL IN - Am I all in by offering my time and resources? Milestone encourages people to go the extra mile and participate in something beyond themselves.
  2. WE ARE OTHERS FOCUSED - Am I inward focused or others focused? Milestone seeks to create user-friendly environments. We want people to love being here.
  3. ​WE AIM FOR SIMPLICITY - Am I instilling simplicity in what I do? Milestone is determined to replace complexity with simplicity. We know life is busy, so let’s keep it simple.
  4. WE TAKE THE INITIATIVE - Am I willing to do whatever it takes no matter what the challenge? Milestone is inspired when others think outside the box, dream big and resolve a challenge. We want great leaders to come and stay.
  5. WE EXPECT EXCELLENCE - Am I allowing what is good to stand in the way of what could be excellent? Milestone is satisfied with nothing less than the very best in everything we do. Excellence shows that we care about you the minute you walk through the doors.
  6. WE STRIVE FOR UNITY - Am I advancing our mission, vision and strategy? Milestone is driven by the fabric of who we are, why we exist, and how we execute it. We want people to be united by the mission, vision and strategy.

Our People