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Jane Watson (ArtMed)

Jane Watson

Business Director, Owner

Jane Watson
Business Director, Owner and Partner of ArtMed

Jane comes to the esthetics industry from an extraordinary angle. Her circuitous career path has fostered a wide array of skills that enabled her to swiftly and expertly steer ArtMed to great success in a short period of time. Her current role as Business Director of ArtMed, was fostered by her experience as an instructor in marketing at the School of Media and Design at Conestoga College, her background in small and large business administration, property management, and managing her own professional career as an actress. Her Master’s degree from Binghamton University in New York is in Performance; her Honours degree in the Arts is from the University of Toronto, and she also has degree in Education from OISE/UT. As a result of managing the multi-faceted elements of her career, she has become an excellent communicator which translates into excellent customer service. Her expert handling of operations allows Dr. Peirson, along with the talented team of ArtMed, to focus exclusively on clinical care and providing the best quality services and products available. She continues to educate and train, not only herself, but encourages her staff to invest in themselves and their education by supporting programs and training that keeps them at the top of their class.


About ArtMed

ArtMed is Guelph's premiere family owned, and award winning medical esthetics clinic located in the heart of Guelph.

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