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Emma Kuizenga

Emma Kuizenga


As the almost-middle-child of six, Emma learned quickly that to be noticed she had to be bold, and a great communicator. Her siblings took her seriously, and if not earlier, when she acquired her shiny sports car, she proved that she meant business (and that she looked good in red). Her classic trademark lipstick is never far from her, whether she’s on the house hunt or at home taking great care of her family. That's right, she has an ambitious hunter, mechanic, beekeeper (her husband) and three amazing kids that keep her purpose-driven and focused!

As a lifelong Guelphite, Emma has come to know the inner workings of the city and has built a great rapport with people, through her meanderings and working through this great and growing town.

Some may remember Emma as a purchaser or business manager and all these steps in her journey molded her into the well-rounded realtor that you have before you today: between her love for people, honed communication and organizational skills, plus her strict attention to detail and need for control, this Guelph girl pays attention, and gets the job done.

Although she has a soft spot in her heart for first time homebuyers and young families moving up, her experience attests that she connects well with all demographics — just read her reviews on Fivewalls and you’ll know that she thrives with all kinds of people.

...And did I mention that Emma is a keen shopper and deal finder? Just follow her through a typical day and you’ll see that she knows how to locate, negotiate, and collaborate.

Emma looks forward to developing new client relationships and collaborating with you and the rest of the home group team to satisfy all your real estate needs!

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