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Brad Veldman

Brad Veldman


Bradley Veldman started Macho Movers in 2016 with hopes to provide the community with safe, reliable and affordable premium moving solutions. After 5 years the company has grown to a staff count of 30 people and 6 moving trucks. We have started offering indoor and outdoor storage units as well. We continue to provide quality and affordable services to move all your household belongings safely and quickly, taking the hassle and stress out of moving into a new home or business. Macho Movers can help not only move your items, but also offer our services when it comes to packing, relocating specialty items (such as hot tubs, grand pianos, etc.), as well as delivery, junk removal and cleaning services.

Macho Movers

About Macho Movers

Macho Movers helps get you from your old digs to your new pad. Our goal has always been to provide Guelph, and Southwestern Ontario with affordable and professional moving solutions.

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