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Deb Allen

Deb Allen

Sales Representative

Real Estate has been my career. I believe I have been successful because I put the needs of my clients as my only priority. My husband and daughter have joined me in the business and they too understand that if you look after your clients, they will continue to come back to you, knowing that their equity and life savings are safer if they have a realtor who understands how key a piece ones home is to the equation.

What is an experience that has made you a stronger person?
I spent 8 years as a reservist to pay my respects for what our Veterans have done.

Are you a dog or a cat person?
Love my dog Otis, who makes me laugh, cry, and feel loved back.

What do you value most in life?
People are what I value. We are all different, but we are all connected. Family are the ones you know best, but we are all family somewhere down the line, just a little further back.

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