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Robusta Food 3

Our Robusta team grew up right here in Guelph Ontario. Our families, friends, and futures have all started here. We’re a locally owned, fully licensed establishment and are happy to provide a gathering place for Guelph’s lively community. Our space is ideally located steps from popular Guelph attractions like the Sleeman Centre, River Run Centre, and Guelph's vibrant downtown core. When we designed our restaurant we wanted it to be a space where you feel comfortable, and not crowded. We wanted a place where you can have a conversation with your companions and not feel bombarded by what's going on around you. 


With a variety of specialty wine, premium liquors, and craft beer food along with drink specials every day of the week, we’re more than just your neighbourhood cafe, we’re your morning pick-me-up, your first date destination and your night out with friends.