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Royal Cuisine Authentic Afghan & Greek Cuisine

Who are we?

Royal Cuisine was founded in May 2021 by brother/sister duo, Toorab & Sakina, but it doesn’t stop there. The entirety of the family participates in the running of this restaurant. The daughters of the pair run the takeout and deliver food to the customers on the patio and the diner. In the back, family members come in from other jobs to help the kitchen during their dinner rush. The restaurant so far has received very positive and overwhelming amounts of reviews since their opening in May of 2021.

Our Backstory

“As brother and sister growing up in Afghanistan, we were inspired by cooking at an early age by watching our uncle cook (who was a chef for the President of Afghanistan). This gave us the ambition to pursue a culinary career.”

When they started their new lives in Canada after escaping a war-torn Afghanistan, they started working in restaurants immediately. Toorab worked in a popular Greek-restaurant while Sakina started a Catering business focusing on authentic Afghan food. After years of success in both the catering and restaurant business, the pair decided it was time to bring their shared passion together and open a restaurant featuring their specialties in the culinary field.

“And as such, our childhood dream of owning a family restaurant together came true with the opening of Royal Cuisine Restaurant in Guelph, Ontario in May of 2021. We truly hope you enjoy our love for food!”

Dining With Us

Now you may be wondering, “why Greek and Afghan cuisine together?”

Toorab moved here and instantly had to start working to support his family. Without wanting to settle for factory work, which was essentially the jobs that would hire him, he applied to a Local Greek restaurant. He grew to love the way that they made and constructed their menu. He started to practice and make Greek cuisine at home. While on the other end, Sakina had been catering from her home to support her family. She grew popular amongst the Afghan community for her specialized rice. From there, they decided it was time to combine the best of both worlds.

One of the specialties that Royal Cuisine is proud about is how we cook our Kabobs. We cook all of our meat and kabobs over an Open-Hearth BBQ. This brings a special and delicious taste to each variety of meat that we serve. This makes our quality of food so special and brings a cook of meat that you do not see a lot around Ontario.

We also pride ourselves on the quality of our food. The reason why we chose Greek and Afghan cuisines is because we knew we would be able to perfect both of those types of dishes. Our favourite to put together, and our very first real combination of both cuisines is the Royal Family Dinner. This platter of food includes the very best of both Afghan and Greek Cuisine. The Royal Family Dinner includes Moussaka, Chicken Souvlaki, Beef Tikka, Kofta Kabob, Lamb Chops and then is served with our specialty rice, Qabulee and, our roasted potatoes. It seems to be a family-friendly order and our customers seem to absolutely love it! Each one of our dishes is sure to leave customers with a satisfied smile and a full belly!

Royal Cuisine is located on the East end, and we are so happy to be one of the few Afghan restaurants in the city while also being the only one in the East End. Our hours vary, but you are always able to come in and get quality food, while also getting some of the best customer service that you’ll see in the city. Royal Cuisine is open every day for both Lunch and Dinner, for both patio and indoor dining.

Our People