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Waddies Cup comes to Fergus legion

First-ever Waddies Cup tournament held in Fergus

FERGUS - A social yet competitive game created by a bunch of area friends is taking off.

The first-ever Waddies Cup tournament was held at the Fergus legion on Saturday.

Sixty four teams were on hand to compete: $1,000 for the winning team, $500 for second and $250 for third.

Waddies is a 21 point tossing game and can be played inside and outside. It’s played in teams of two. There is a hole in the middle of the board with a target around, pucks can land anywhere on the board, closest one to the hole gets one point. If the puck lands in the whole it’s three points but if your opponent knocks a puck in the hole after you, your points are cancelled out and anything on the board is also cancelled out. 

Andy Speers is one of 11 co-founders of the Waddies game and is produced by their company called BortCo. 

The origins of the game are still unknown though the co-founders are looking for the story of the true start of the game.

“My grandfather showed me the game when I was in Grade 9. Gave me my first set and then I introduced it to all my buddies and the rest is history, “ said Speers.

“My grandfather was a legion member so to be able to bring the game back to the legion where it all started has always been one of our goals.”

It took a lot of time, development and research to make the Waddies boards. Their original boards, called the toilet bowl boards, weren't made to last. The co-founders wanted the next boards to be high quality and made out of wood.

“Completely inclusive and accessible to anyone which is also really important to us,” said Speers.

Speers said they are starting to partner with breweries around Ontario to have Waddies game events. 

“I think this is for a lot of people, maybe their first time out and around other people.”

“That’s what Waddies is all about, refreshment in your hand, good people around you and enjoying the game.”