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MEET THE CANDIDATES: Ward 3, Patrick Sheridan

'Councillors have a responsibility to ensure wise and effective management of our city-operated assets to improve the day to day lives of all Guelph residents'
patrick sheridan
Patrick Sheridan.

GuelphToday asked candidates for council in the Oct. 22 municipal election to provide a short bio and their platform and/or why they are running in the election.

THE PERSON: I came to Guelph twenty four years ago to attend the University of Guelph and never left. I love this city! I went on to complete a BSc in toxicology and then a Masters degree in statistics. After graduation the charm of the city led me to stay and I have been an active member of the community ever since.

Professionally I have spent the last 20 years analyzing risk in the fields of health research, insurance, government and environmental science, where I have separated the truth from the noise to answer important questions on managing risk, improving health and protecting the environment. My work has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Archives of Toxicology, among others.

I have already been involved in many local issues of importance to our community as: 

• Member of Our Energy Guelph task force

• Member of Clair-Maltby community working group

• Member Guelph Transit Growth Project advisory committee

• Active Transportation analytics advisor to the city

• Delegate to Guelph City Council on transportation policy, parks, resource management and energy governance

• Member of Guelph Mercury Tribune community editorial board

To relax I like to take in the city and surrounding area on one of my seven bicycles or walking my dog, enjoying the parks, trails and country roads that make living in Guelph so great.

An essay of up to 600 words on your platform and the issues that are important to you. Basically why you are running.

THE PLATFORM: I’m running for city council because IT’S TIME to have a councillor from Ward 3 who is committed to focus on local city issues and the needs of Ward 3 residents. 

The mounting frustrations I’m hearing while walking door to door point to a lack of focus on the needs of everyday lives from current Ward 3 councillors. I’m receiving constant feedback from citizens feeling ignored, witnessing current councillors more interested in provincial or federal party politics than residents needs. And I hear shock at spending decisions at city hall that are uninformed or blatant electioneering.

City councillors should focus on local issues like road repair, sidewalks, parks and other needed infrastructure. They should be focused on reducing neighbourhood crime, theft or speeding to increase safety for our children and families. They should be embracing and encouraging reviews of city services to find efficiencies while respecting property tax dollars. Councillors have a responsibility to ensure wise and effective management of our city-operated assets to improve the day to day lives of all Guelph residents. 

I will bring risk management expertise in finance, health and the environment to city hall. A focus on residents’ financial and physical health and a commitment to transparency. I will bring optimistic, informed and effective decision making. And I will bring a commitment to innovation. 


        • Pay attention to Ward 3 residents’ needs

        • Improve community safety

        • Fix failing infrastructure

        • Use tax dollars appropriately, not politically

        • Reinstate accessible and secure online voting

        • Invest in our parks and trails

        • Safeguard our water resources and pursue further efficiency

        • Provide new vision for the repurposing of redundant community assets

        • Increase affordability for all

        • Put Guelph First!

Ward 3 needs a councillor who’s focused on local issues. I’m committed to being that councillor with your vote on October 22nd.

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