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Luca willingly parts ways with his shiny copper locks for a good cause

11-year- old Luca Mammoliti grew 14 inches of his hair in two years

Two years ago, Luca Mammoliti was rocking a buzz cut and decided to grow his hair for someone affected by cancer.

Now his hair flows past his shoulders and measures 14 inches long, all to give away to a complete stranger. 

“I find that a lot of people lose their hair and if that was me, I would be very embarrassed. So I would like to make it into a wig so people don't have to feel embarrassed,” said the 11-year-old St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School student.

Before he cuts his hair and donates it to Chai Lifeline Canada in two weeks, Luca launched a GoFundMe fundraiser with the help of his mom, Amy Mammoliti, for the Sick Kids Foundation.

The fundraiser had a goal of $2,000, which they hit on Wednesday afternoon.

“That makes me feel very happy,” said Luca about the community pouring their support toward his cause. 

Amy said the entire idea to grow hair for cancer was entirely Lucas’ idea. 

“It was completely him,” said Amy, adding that Luca went for a few hair trims in the past two years to keep his hair nice and healthy. 

She said that Luca took part in a breast cancer walk for his 49-year-old second cousin in the past and has another 35-year-old cousin who was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. Seeing it in the family helped him understand the effects of disease. 

“He just wanted to contribute,” said Amy. 

His efforts were even recognized by one of his teachers. 

In the past two years, Luca got attached to his hair, enjoyed wearing it down and feels he will miss it once it is cut. However, he’s focused on his cause. 

“I decided to grow my hair for kids in need,” said Luca. 

With a dad with red hair and a mother with brown hair, Luca was born with rare distinct copper coloured hair.

Luca said growing his hair has become all the more exciting because of his hair colour. 

“I like it because I get a lot of compliments on the colour,” said Luca.