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McKAY, Jessica-Lynne

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It's been a year Jes and it still feels like yesterday.
The loss of you that day has forever marked a Milestone of Time Forever Embedded in Our Memory. The absence of you has placed a void in all of our Hearts and yet we are left with Memories that long for your presence, but only if you could have stayed.
This loss will Never End, it didn't kill us the day of your passing but something inside of all of us died that day Jessica. Our Hearts will bear that scar and Our Future has Changed as well as Our "Now".
If only we knew that our Time would be brief,
We would have listened more and held you long and tight.
If only we knew that God would take you away,
We would have done things differently,
If only we had known.
Your sense of humor, come backs and wittiness would make us all laugh.
You laughed, we laughed
You cried, we cried
Of all the friends we've ever met
Jessica, you're the One that we couldn't Forget
We miss your voice when you say, "I Love You"
We Love You and Miss You ❌⭕❌❌⭕❌
Love Jenna, Nicholas, Dad, Corey, Alex, Sam, family, umpteen friends and myself (The Mama)
You are my Daughter
My Soldier
My Hero