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Guelph about to kick up the heat with opening of Noodlebox

With a variety of dishes to choose from, the Noodlebox at 5 Clair Rd. offers ‘real food, made fresh, with fire’

Variety is the spice of life, some people say.

That adage is especially true for the folks behind a restaurant set to open in Guelph on Tuesday – Noodlebox can be found at 5 Clair Rd. W. in the Food Basics plaza.

Owner Jora Bhullar says it’s a fresh concept and one that he looks forward to sharing in Guelph.

“Our menu is full of mainly South Asian fusion foods, everything from China, Japan. Korea and India which includes chicken curry and Bombay cheese balls,” Bhullar said.

Some popular options include the Teriyaki box, drunken noodle box, Kung Pao box, butter chicken box and Bombay mac and  cheese.

All boxes are made to order and are wok-fired over high heat.

“People should come here because this is something new. It’s not old, traditional fast food. Here, you come in, you pick your protein, your heat, your choice of noodle, and then watch us cook,” Bhullar said.

A popular dish is the spicy peanut box.

“It does have ‘spicy’ in the name, but it really isn't that spicy, unless you prefer it to be,” Bhullar said.

There are six different heat levels to choose from including mild, mild/medium, medium, medium/hot, hot, and for those brave enough, scorching hot.

“For myself, I’m at my limit at medium, but some people might want to attempt the scorcher,” Bhullar said.

“The unique thing is, at the Noodlebox, everyone has a choice, and everything is made specifically for them.”

Boxes accommodate each customers dietary needs and also include vegan and gluten-free options.

“Every dish is prepared in its own wok. Woks are not reused. They are washed after each dish is prepared. So, for those wanting gluten-free options, they can be assured that they are truly getting gluten-free,” said Parth Patel, manager at the Noodlebox location in Stoney Creek.

Helping train staff in Guelph, Patel says the new location is the fourth to open in Ontario, with other locations in Waterloo and Oakville.

The franchise has been successful in other provinces including B.C. and Alberta.

Noodlebox was born out of a small food cart in Victoria B.C.'s Chinatown in 2001. In 2003, it opened its first store in downtown Victoria. 

Bhullar looks forward to opening the next Ontario location in Guelph.

“I enjoy Guelph, and I love this area. There’s a good opportunity here. I’ve come to a few of the restaurants here before and I've just really come to like it. And that’s why I chose it specifically,” Bhullar said.

“There's a lot of growth happening with new stores and new buildings. I’m really excited to be here with this new concept, Noodlebox.”

The 29-year-old says this is the first time he’s ever done something this big.

“It’s been my dream since coming to Canada from India in 2012,” Bhullar said.

“I've always wanted to open my own store, a franchise, and then grow from there. This is what I’m really excited about, to grow and hopefully open more stores.”

Bhullar says he hopes to be successful in the restaurant business and looks forward to serving the Guelph community.

“Food is for everyone. People love food. And I want to serve people good food. Noodlebox is unique in that everyone that comes in will be able to see their dish being prepared, just for them," he said.

“And that’s the beauty of this. It really is food made fresh with fire."

Customers can download the Noodlebox app and earn points for free boxes.

For more information, visit here.