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LETTER: CLGW must admit its mistake and reverse a bad decision

Letter writer urges Community Living Guelph Wellington to reconsider its changes to day programs
GuelphToday received the following letter from Barbara Webster-Powell regarding changes to CLGW's day programs.
Dear Ms Hanley & Mr Walsh: 
I have taken my time to consider all the information including the communication sent out by GCL today (Nov. 9, 2020).
It is clear that you are not listening to the clients and their families and respecting their wishes. You are ignoring their pleas.You are pursuing this new Strategic Plan, resulting in the closure of the day programme, in spite of the objections of families. This means that this plan is not at all about the clients & families but about you and your desire to push your agenda no matter what. You believe that you have the right to decide what is appropriate for this group of people no matter what the group members & their families believe. You think that you know better than the clients & families, what is right for them. Arrogance.

I do not believe that you have the right to work against the desires of the clients and families. I do not believe that you are better equipped to decide what is needed and I now more than ever  believe that your care for the clients' best interest is out weighed by your need to have your ideas come to fruition, no matter what, no matter who it hurts. Cruel.

I was hoping, that like most good people, you would admit to a mistake and reverse a bad decision. You have chosen not to do so.

I find this decision, your unwavering commitment to see it through and your lack of respect and care for the clients' & families' desperate pleas so disturbing that I am left very disillusioned. 

My bottom line is that I believe you must overturn this decision. Otherwise you are harming versus helping this vulnerable group of citizens.


Barbara Webster-Powell

Cc Mike Schreiner

Cc Cam Gutherie