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LETTER: Conservative hopeful's persistence inspiring says Quebec man

Thurso, Quebec man praises example of Derek Matisz for overcoming adversity
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GuelphToday has received the following letter from Michel Parizeau of Thurso, Quebec in praise of a recent article.

I very much liked the news article 'Guelph conservative hopeful announces his intention to run in a federal election' because it gives inspiration for people who have a challenge.

For stuttering in particular, it is great that Derek Matisz is pursuing election to political office because it can help others who stutter to fight for their dreams.

What is important about the story of Derek Matisz is that he publicly says that he went through a number of speech therapies before finding help. There is no universal “magical cure” for stuttering. Just because one person has immense success with one particular program does not mean it will help another person.

Derek Matisz is doing a great thing by saying in public that he had to experience a few speech therapies. If Therapy “A” does not help a person, there are always Therapy “B” and Therapy “C” that possibly can help. I applaud Mr. Matisz. Unfortunately some stuttering people give up entirely if one therapy does not help.

I generally recommend to people the Stuttering Foundation because included in the free resources presented by its website is an international listing of speech therapists.

After a few failed speech therapies as an adult, I found a speech therapy through the list of the Stuttering Foundation and it has totally changed my life. But, I was willing to keep trying after failed therapies. The Stuttering Foundation also has a toll-free “help line” for Canada at 1-800-992-9392


Michel Parizeau
Rue Galipeau
Thurso, Quebec