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LETTER: Ford government should be concerned about saving our water and our land

'We see the forest fires going on in California. Is that our future?'
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This letter was sent to by Shannon Hill. It discusses the permit allowing the beverage company BlueTriton to take millions of litres of water per day, even during drought conditions. 

I am shocked that the Ford government has allowed BlueTriton, to take 1.1 million litres of water PER DAY from its Erin location and 3.6 million litres PER DAY from its Aberfoyle location. To add insult to injury, the permit even allows them to take water during droughts or low water advisories.

You just have to see what BlueTriton did during the California drought when they siphoned millions of gallons of water from the San Bernardino Forest to see what is in store for our area. In California, Blue Triton was accused of taking more than they were entitled to during the drought and received draft cease and desist orders from the state.

According to the New York Times, the order said the water diversion had led to “reduced downstream drinking water supply and impacts on sensitive environmental resources.” I can’t believe that with the effects of global warming that the Ford government would agree to this!

We see the forest fires going on in California. Is that our future? No one knows the long term affects of siphoning this much water out of the ground and anyone who believes they do is a fool. We will all pay the price for the Ford governments short sightedness. Vote this Conservative government out of office before it is too late! Save our water and our land!

Shannon Hill