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LETTER: It's just too loud

Festival is fine, just needs the music turned down, says concerned Guelph resident
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GuelphToday received the following letter tot he editor reader David Kennett who voices concern over festival noise:

It's unfortunate that rude people cannot voice their opposition to a viewpoint without using disparaging labels such as "whiners " and "stupid". Also if you have a concern and take the time to send a letter to mayor and council then it must be debated at council. Hence your comment, re the folk Festival, has no merit.

I'm also in disbelief that others did not find the music intrusive. We don't live close to Tudhope park but far away in the North ward. We tried to block out the music by closing the windows, the doors and turning on the air conditioning. 

We did attend the Mariposa Festival. We particularly looked forward to hearing Buffy Saint-Marie.  However, we found the sound too loud and left. We could not hear the music at home. 

We've noticed over the past 19 years that the sound at the folk festival has been increasing in volume. We are not hypocrites. If we experience the same continuous, pounding music from the festival we'll complain.

We have nothing against the Rib Fest, except for the continuous, intrusive and annoying music. We thought a more varied, local experience would have merit.

If you enjoy the event, support it, but please turn the music down.

David Kennett