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Letter: Keeping promises matters - and so do zombies

This Saturday at noon, FairVote Guelph will be staging a play titled, 'Voting Dysfunction Creates UnDemocratic, UnRepresented Zombies' at Mr. Longfield's constituency office
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GuelphToday received the following correspondance from Steve Dyck of FairVote Guelph, who is concerned about Prime Minister Trudeau's apparent lack of willingness to keep his promises, especially regarding Canada's voting system.
Dear Editor,

Recently, Guelph MP, Lloyd Longfield asked in his winter newsletter, " What Matters Most to You?" The democracy movement in Guelph has a response, "keeping promises matter."

Feb. 1 marks the first anniversary of Prime Minister Trudeau breaking a key electoral reform promise to Canadians to end our first past the post system and bringing about electoral reform in Canada. When promises are broken, voters lose faith and become less likely to vote.

Canadians want less waste, more respect and greater trust from their leaders. Citizens pay and suffer as legislation enacted by those who got 39 per cent of the vote is reversed by the next government. Democracy Guelph has offered a pathway out of this quagmire and we gave 3,500 petition signatures to Lloyd Longfield. We expect Lloyd to represent Guelph, not his leader.

This Saturday, Jan. 27, at noon, FairVote Guelph will be staging a play titled, Voting Dysfunction Creates UnDemocratic, UnRepresented Zombies at Mr. Longfield's constituency office - 40 Cork St. East.  All are welcome to this comical event.

Steve Dyck
FairVote Guelph