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LETTER: Let's expand free transit to seniors first

Sian Matwey would like to see the 'free transit for teens' idea expanded to include seniors
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Tony Saxon/GuelphToday file photo

GuelphToday received this letter from reader Sian Matwey about offering free bus rides for teens and seniors

Dear Editor 

Recently my husband and I attended a wedding of a friend where we had the pleasure of sitting with a student who was in Grade 10 at John Ross High School.

Not only were we impressed with her kind spirit but we were  more impressed that she would spend her friday night as her mom's date.

Instead of gazing at her phone all night she spent her time happily chatting with the other guests at the table, she even took the time to take pictures of us. 

As a community support worker and transit advocate it wasn't long before the mayor's free transit for teenagers idea came up. I was plesantly surprised to hear that not only did she believe that the free bus pass should go to seniors first, but many of her classmates agreed too.

So I have decided to take the millennial's approach to change this request before it goes to council.

If you agree please share your opinion and tweet #SeniorsFirst and get lots of support for this new idea.

When I was a teenager I remember being fit because my Welsh mother thought it was much healthier to walk the 40 minutes to school.

Frustrating at times, because she drove right by my school on the way to work, but she liked to remind me: "fresh air and exercise never hurt anyone!"

Most Guelph teenagers are healthy and have parents that support them financially and they can walk or bike any where in Guelph. Yet most seniors have moblity issues and would benefit more from the free pass than students.

I know the mayor was trying to encourage more students to use Guelph Transit but I believe they could still learn all the benefits to riding transit with a once a month "Teens Ride Free Day."

Also, if they are attending Storm games they are already riding transit free compliments of their Storm tickets. So Guelph, students in particular, please help me change the mayor's idea into an even better idea! Please tweet #SeniorsFirst on your social media platform of choice and let's give our seniors the advantage they deserve!

Thanks in advance.

Transit  Advocate, Sian Matwey