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Letter: Our valuable drinking water

'I’ll continue to try to conserve as much of what we have naturally as possible'

I had the pleasure of attending the meeting re ‘Say No to Nestle’ Wednesday night here in Erin and came away with a new outlook on what I have believed all along - but have done nothing about. Oh yes I carry a refillable water bottle on most if not all occasions, as do most people who are conscious of the need to preserve our wonderful drinking water, but more needs to be done by us, the public.

More people if not all need to ‘get on the bandwagon’ against the selling off of this natural product as if it will be there forever - no one can prove it either way, so why not work to preserve what is there for now and future generations.

And how does this fit in with terms such as ‘global warming, carbon pricing’ - I know, I know - there will be people out there who will ‘scoff’ at the idea of worrying about any of the above. (to ‘scoff’ - an expression of scornful derision) Well if you can prove to me and to the millions who know a lot more than the ‘scoffers’ amongst us, then I’ll change my mind but until then I’ll continue to try to conserve as much of what we have naturally as possible.

What about you?

Bruce Hood
Erin, On.



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