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LETTER: Parachuting in a political candidate not a good idea

Letter writer is opposed to the possibility of Green Party leader Annamie Paul running in Guelph in the next federal election

GuelphToday received the following letter from Susan Neath regarding leadership for the Green Party:

Letter to the Editor

RE: Guelph a riding to consider for new federal Green leader, says Schreiner

For the past 30 plus years I have been involved in politics as a voter, volunteer and even campaign manager in all three levels of governments.

One thing I firmly believe in as being representative for a community is the candidate that will represent our riding. I very much opposed to the idea of having a candidate sent in from elsewhere or "parachuted" in to run in our riding.

I saw recently that this is an idea percolating in the Green Party who are considering their new party leader Annamie Paul for the federal election. I feel she is very capable and shows great promise of being a great party leader.

My suggestion is that she run in her own riding or if she feels that strongly about our riding she live here. It is imperative that the candidate who will represent our riding will be reflective of what this riding stands for and not of the mindset that it is a possible winnable riding.

Susan Neath